1000-2000(Nits) Brightness

High Refresh Rate, Good Color Uniformity

In Stock & 5 Year Warranty

5000-10,000(Nits) Brightness

IP65 IP66 IP68 High Waterproof

In Stock & 5 Year Warranty

Flexible & Soft to design any shape

For Indoor Outdoor Application

In Stock & 5 Year Warranty

Front And Real Service LED Module

High Refresh Rate, Good Color Uniformity

In Stock & 5 Year Warranty

IP68 Ultra-high Waterproof Level

High Shockproof Level

In Stock & 5 Year Warranty

Super thin and super hard

Not afraid of high temperature

In Stock & 5 Year Warranty

LED Screen Module:The Introduction Guide

You can get the full knowledge of the led display module from this article, As a basic unit of LED display,which is also called an LED panel.
Covers the front surface of the LED screen, also the first thing comes to our eyes when we look at a LED display.

We’ll bring you to know more about the LED module from these points as below:
The components,module classification of application,module size & some suggestions if we could offer.

LED Display panel Components

The LED display module is one of the main components of the finished LED display!
Mainly composed of LEDs, IC, Frame, PCB, Connector, Cables, Screws, resistors and capacitors.

LED Screen Panel Classfication

1.Indoor LED Module

High definition, high refresh, the smaller of the pixel spacing, the more pixels per unit area,
the clearer the image quality. the higher the resolution of LED screen.

Indoor module waterproof rating, brightness, refresh, power consumption:
(1)Indoor led module Protection Grade: IP54.
(2)Indoor full color brightness 1,000-2,000cd/m2 .
(3)According to different requirement ,it can be 1920HZ~3840HZ Refresh Rate.
(4)Indoor display module power consumption is very lower,
the indoor natural ventilation and heat dissipation can be achieved.

2.Outdoor LED Module

High brightness, waterproof, outdoor installation modules are usually remote viewing, the observation is specific and far,
so larger pixel spacing,so the pixel density is low, the higher brightness.

Outdoor led module waterproof grade, brightness, refresh, power consumption:
(1)Outdoor led module protection grade : IP65 IP66 IP68 Waterproof outdoor led module
(2)Brightness: outdoor full colour module 5,000-10,000cd/m2
(3)The power consumption of outdoor display module is large.the current temperature is higher,
the power consumption is higher , it will cause the LED lamp life is shorter.
(4)Under the same brightness, the larger the distance between pixel pitch, the smaller the power consumption.

3.Flexible LED Module

We have many different types, such as P1.25mm, P1.56mm, P1.579mm, P1.667mm, p1.875mm, P2mm, P2.5mm, P3.076mm, P3mm, P4mm, P5mm for module size 240x120mm, 320x160mm 256×128 Series for meet different shape cases, for example it can be customized to Round, cylinder, arc screen.

(1)Compared with the traditional PCB board, the soft module has high strength
compression resistance and anti-twist ability,which can solve various installation problems
(2)LED flexible module installation method magnetic column suction, according
to customer demand custom shape,can be directly adsorbed, to achieve one-step installation
(3)It can be customized any shape, including cylindrical screen with high brush
performance, can be hoisted,installed, hanging and so on
(4)It can realize single point maintenance, low maintenance cost, high brightness,
low dead light rate,energy-saving, seamless splicing


4.Front And Rear Service LED Module

Outdoor frontal service LED module can meet the requirements of IP68 rating,
and is a effective full-color SMD 3 in 1 LED sign module with high quality and high brightness. 480mm*320mm and 
320mm*320mm and 250mm*250mm is available and 5 years warranty is provided.

5.GOB LED Module

GOB LED display module is also names as GLUE ON BOARD LED screen module.
By using a new kind of transparent materials to package the PCB surface and packaging units of the module,
the whole LED module is able to resist UV, water, dust, crash and other potential factors that may cause damages to the screen better.

(1)The most outstanding feature of GOB LED is the high protection ability which can prevent the displays from water,
humidity, UV, collision, and other risks effectively.
(2)It is easier to maintain and has lower costs of maintenance.Besides, the viewing angle is wider and can be up to
180 degrees both vertically and horizontally.
(3)This type of LEDs are applied mostly on small PP LED screen with pixel pitch P1.25mm, P1.53mm, P1.56mm, P1.667mm, P1.875mm, P1.923mm, P2mm, P2.5mm or below now, and also is
suitable for LED display screen with higher pixel pitch, too.
(4)Due to the matt surface, the color contrast is improved so as to increase the play effect and wider the viewing angle.

6.Aluminum Shell LED Module

The aluminum shell LED screen module has the characteristics of high precision, high conduction,
high convenience, high flatness, etc., ultra-thin, ultra-hard and fast heat dissipation.