Aluminum Shell GOB LED Display Module

The aluminum shell GOB LED Display Screen Module has the characteristics of high precision, high conduction,
high convenience, high flatness, etc., ultra-thin, ultra-hard and fast heat dissipation.

Ultra-thin GOB LED Display Module

The ultra-thin design of the aluminum shell COB LED Display Panel, the overall thickness is only 11.8mm

Super High Hardness

Indoor HD LED ScreenDie-cast aluminum material COB LED Screen panel, high hardness, high flatness after installation,
not afraid of extrusion, not afraid of high temperature, not easy to deform.

High Precision Design
Aluminum LED Panel VS Plastic LED Panel

320x160mm Series Aluminum Shell Indoor LED Module

Pixel PitchLED TypeModule Size(MM)Module ResolutionDriving ModeRefresh Rate(Hz)Brightness(Nits)
P2mmSMD1515320*160160*801/40Scan1920 / 3840≥800
P2.5mmSMD1515320*160128*641/32Scan1920 / 3840≥800
Aluminum Shell GOB LED Display Module 160×320