DIP Outdoor LED Grid Curtain Display Screen 500X1000mm

Outdoor DIP mesh LED display is a new generation of outdoor LED display screen.
Lightweight panel design, IP67 waterproof and dustproof, energy-saving LED display, 500*1000mm standard size.
Ultra-high transparency, low power consumption, fast heat dissipation, high protection, and easy maintenance.

500*1000mm Lightweight Panel Design

Unique mesh LED display panel design with 500*1000mm cabinet size,
Ultra thin thckness with 67mm design

Ultra Lightweight And Thin Design

The lightest LED display panel is only 6.5kg, and the LED panel is as thin as 67mm,
and the installation is quick and convenient

High Transparency And Fast Heat Dissipation

The grille panel design has high transparency. Up to 70% transparency.
Front and rear two-sided grille featuring strong air permeability and fast heat dissipation

Safety Protection IP67 Dustproof And Waterproof

The LED grille display screen with high waterproof performance waterproof rating IP67.
It’s for outdoor application . It can resist some bad weather during outdoor events.

High Gloss Energy Saving

energy efficient , high brightness , high efficiency led lights,high power conversion efficiency,
Low consumption of electricity to increase the lifetime of LEDs

Super Protection

The working Temperature of this outdoor DIP grid LED display is -35℃~+80℃.
Not afraid of exposupe to th sun, and not afraid of low temperature extreme weather.

More Product Details

DIP Outdoor LED Grid Curtain Display Screen Media Facade Good products are not afraid to zoom in


Viewing angle is up to 110° vertical and horizontal, providing a wide viewing angle.
Ultra-wide viewing angle give you the largest screen viewing area. It offers you clear and natural images in all directions.

DIP Outdoor Grid LED Display Screen

Pixel Pitch (mm)P15.6-15.6P31.2-15.6P31.2-31.2P1.875
Pixel Pitch15.6mm(H); 15.6mm(V)31.2mm(H); 15.6mm(V)31.2mm(H); 31.2mm(V)SMD1515
Pixel ConfigurationDIP346DIP346DIP346284444
Density (Pixels/㎡)409620481024160x90
Driving Mode1/1 duty1/1 duty1/1 duty300x168.75
Cabinet Resolution64 pixel(L) * 64 pixel(H)32 pixel(L) * 64 pixel(H)32 pixel(L) * 32 pixel(H)1/45
Cabinet Size (mm)500x1000x67500x1000x67500x1000x67600x337.5
Cabinet Weight (KG)≈10≈7.5≈6.55.7
Brightness (CD/㎡)≥10000≥8500≥700200~500
Viewing Angle (°)110110110≥14
Best Viewing Distance≥16m≥32m≥32mAC100-240V 50-60Hz
Gray Grade (Bits)141414≤ 400
Operation PowerAC100-240V 50-60HzAC100-240V 50-60HzAC100-240V 50-60Hz100~180
Max. Power Consumption (W/㎡)450450350≥60
Avg. Power Consumption (W/㎡)150150120≥3,840
Frame Frequency (Hz)≥60≥60≥60-10~+60
Refresh Frequency (Hz)384038403840100,000
Working Temperature (℃)-35~+80-35~+80-35~+80IP35
Working Humidity10%~90% RH10%~90% RH10%~90% RH
Lifetime (Hours)100000100000100000
Protection GradeIP67IP67IP67
Transparent LED Media Facade Curtain P10.4 P15.625 P20 P25 P31.25 P37.5 DIP Outdoor LED Grid Curtain Display Screen 500×1000